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Carlos Souza

Impersonation of the term “Globetrotter” Valentino’s ambassador reveals his secrets in exclusive books but reserves the backstage for informal talks.

Catch him, if you can


“The evolution of the world of fashion is constant and everything is going into digital. I wonder if sometimes in the future, in the next five, ten years, we’re gonna be saving trees and not having printing material. And everything is going to be digital”

The stamps on his passport reveal more about who he really is than his own identity: Carlos Souza, or simply Caco Souza, is a puzzle of high complexity, composed of fragments of all the places he has been and the functions he has performed – and this goes from model to Andy Warhol’s assistant, through photography and his lifetime position: being a father. The temptation to decipher the ambassador of Valentino finds encouragement in books or manuals, depending on how you approach this question – published by Assouline and authored by the traveler himself.

After his first work, “Caca’s Place”, launched in 2014, the Brazilian who for years lived in Rome and now resides in Paris, has returned to the pages of artistic literature with his ex-wife, Charlene Shorto. Together, they explored the little Portuguese paradise of Comporta, an idyllic destination that they have visited for 35 years, as an invitation from Pedro Espírito Santo. Sold out, Comporta Bliss is dedicated to the friend and host and reveals the facet of this scale, where we find Caca to discover that his life is, in fact, an open book.