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Chateau St Martin

Convenient and splendorous, the chateau st. martin breathes history and elegance, like all the good locations in France. the scenario of the french riviera makes the experience more charming.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

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Part of the Oetker Collection group since 1994, the Chateau St. Martin was the fortress of the Knights Templar in the 12th century and then was in ruins until 1900, when it was acquired by a Polish earl. But it was in 1954 that he found his true calling when, after being bought by the French industrialist Fernand Genève, it was transformed into a hotel. Impeccable of the Oetker Collection group, coupled with the hotel’s mountain climate with lower temperatures and pleasant surroundings, they bring a cozy aura, typical of the countryside. Its decoration lives up to the place that is, and it brings all the welcome and the softness of the peasant atmosphere together with the typical French elegance. Small details, pieces of furniture, and furniture that blend contemporary style with Provencal complete the ambiance.

All this atmosphere inevitably sends us to the pleasures of high gastronomy. Headed by chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois, the award-winning Chateau St. Martin’s restaurant uses some excellent local ingredients such as the olive oils that are produced in the vicinity of the property. And if the gastronomic spectacle happens at the table, the look is not far behind.

The view of Le Saint-Martin brings excitement, especially at sunset, of a thousand and one colors – an unforgettable experience. In addition to the restaurants, as a sister hotel to Le Bristol in Paris, the Chateau has a bar very similar to the Parisian. In terms of service, the Chateau St. Martin deserves praise. An extremely efficient team of employees maintains uninterrupted communication and makes every effort to understand and meet all guests’ needs. Therefore, when you wake up and leave the room, all the attention will be offered so that you are constantly graced with great experiences.

Tips By Claur

Style & Concept: With a Provencal style, the hotel breathes the local history and atmosphere since It has been a hotel since 1954 and has been part of the Oetker Collection since 1994.

On the map: The location in the region of Vence offers the opportunity to visit this small town, with good museums, historical aspects, and an 11th-century church.

Rooms: All rooms are very comfortable and extremely welcoming, and offer views of the Cote d’Azur.

Pool / Gym: The place has a fitness center, two tennis courts, and an infinity pool for enjoying the view.

Restaurant / Bar: Under the command of chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois, the starred main restaurant, Le Saint-Marin still has a panoramic terrace.

Amenities: The La Praire Spa is a must visit – not optional but essential.

Photos: Courtesy Chateau St. Martin