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The woman behind the work of setting up movie-worthy sets in mansions for sale.

Design Desire

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The woman behind the work of setting up movie-worthy sets, in mansions for sale. As a touch of magic, Cheryl combines architecture with fashion and style. With her art, she is able to sell millionaire properties in the blink of an eye

Known for breaking paradigms in a rather specific area, Cheryl Eisen has become a kind of celebrity, decorating scores of luxurious apartments with valuations of a minimum of 5 million dollars. Her principal setting for work is in New York, but the business that she created 12 years ago, Interior Marketing Group, has multiple different locations across the US.

As well as clients like Ivanka Trump, Kim Kardashian West, and John Legend. At 51 years old, Cheryl has won notoriety both within her specialized field of decoration and in the entertainment arena. She can frequently be seen on TV programs like Million Dollar Listing and Selling New York, as well as on the internet, showing off her latest decorations of some dreamy penthouse or simply talking about her day today.

“We have to quickly transform empty spaces into very luxurious and pleasant environments”

The main part of her work has to do with “staging,” or creating an alluring scene on a property that is for sale. Her multi-million dollar ventures make the eyes of potential investors pop. She brings a keen sense of style to engage with the customer, understanding what the personalities of potential buyers will be like. “It’s not easy,” says Cheryl.

It’s certainly a challenge, but with Cheryl’s experience in the area, few stand a chance of beating her. In addition to the process of creating deluxe environments, the agency has teams that assemble marketing material on the property and promote complete events, organizing everything from the ambiance to service.

The result makes a real impact. Cheryl claims she has seen many people cry when they first enter her spaces. And we’re talking about customers that are used to the most refined environments and events.

Cheryl owns a huge shed with hundreds of chairs, tables, rugs, cushions and every kind of furniture you can imagine. In addition, she has a huge collection of digitized works of art that, with the help of a giant machine, can be printed in time for any project.

Specialized professionals are in charge of giving the pieces their finishing touches, either by adding a brush of color to the pictures of the paintings, or covering an armchair with a fabric that is different from the original. Everything is done internally so that they waste nothing and can get the property ready on time, usually within one to two weeks.

Photos: Aline Velter