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Gala Gonzalez

Photographed in the hottest space in New York City, the Neuehouse, one of the most important fashion influencers of the moment, Gala Gonzalez creates his style exactly looking to escape from fads. Gala believes that naturalness is what can be the coolest in her way of being.

Effortless Cool

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“I don’t follow the rules, I follow my instinct. I deeply appreciate color palettes and shapes, so for me it’s all about balance and what is spontaneously cool,” she explains.

Authenticity is the watchword for Gala Gonzalez when it comes to style. “Effortless,” she would say, to explain that careless, literally effortless way of combining attitude and good taste, bringing her own references to create unpretentious looks with her face. Art, music, the people around it, and the many influences of the 60s and 70s are your sources of inspiration when choosing how to dress – which means more positioning towards life than simply clothing compositions.

It must be this great load of naturalness with which you face the fashion that has made you become one of the most revered bloggers of the moment, dictating trends around the world.

And it is with this same spontaneous way that Gala moves through different art forms, attacking from designer to DJ, and having as a new project the launch of a brand of own clothes, scheduled for the end of this year.

“I am sensitive to what’s happening all over the world. there’s that poignant warsan shire quote: ‘I held an atlas in my lap, ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered ‘where does it hurt?’ it answered ‘everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.’

And if Gala is a model for so many women, what would your references be? She has no doubt in quoting one of the biggest, Anita Pallenberg, an actress, model and icon in the 1970s, as well as a former Stone Keith Richards. wife “The first time I saw her in a performance with Mick Jagger and her fur coat I thought, ‘I’ve never seen anyone look so cool without trying’. It has inspired Kate Moss and brands like Gucci for decades and is still copied very often” says Gala. As for preferred labels, the list is broader and includes names like Loewe, Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Mango, Isabel Marant e Reformation

Another very strong artistic aspect in Gala is the music. Of course, the inspiration comes from the era that most influences her, to the sound of the band The Doors, which she says she listens to all day. But the contemporary scene also cheers her up, especially music festivals. One of his favorites is Calvi On the Rocks, which takes place in the Corsica region of France. Without so much exposure, it has almost 100% French audiences, which guarantees all the cool and exclusive air that trend makers, like her, seek.

This year, for example, she traded the famous Coachella for another event, Bombay Beach Biennale. “It’s an art festival located in Bombay Beach, California, where there are art installations all over an almost ghost town that used to be a vacation hot spot in the 1970s,” she says.

But what has a lot to do with her is that she’s a true globe-trotter. Although born in A Coruña, in the Galicia region, she is from Barcelona she misses and where she prefers to return when she goes to Spain. Its main address today is in London, but it is also mostly in New York. There is a favorite place at Café Mogador, in the East Village, to taste Moroccan food. “Whenever a friend is in town I take him there and it’s always delicious. Besides the vibe, which is great, you never know who you might bump into, ”says Gala. And where could we bump into her in NY? “In the new Ludlow House unit in SoHo, perfect for brunch or business meetings if you’re downtown and Reformation store, also in SoHo, for the best summer dresses.” And if she says, it’s already a trend.

“For over 48 hours, people from all over the world come together and walk around the city, interacting with the art displayed there. There are live bands, ballet performances and electronic music as well. It’s kind of a Burning Man, but for those who don’t need to post selfies, ”concludes Gala, making it clear that fads aren’t her thing.

1 – Designer, Dj, blogger, influencer what’s next for Gala Gonzalez?
Gala: My very own brand which will be released before the end of the year 🙂

2- How do you define style? (your style)
Gala: Eclectic and effortless for sure. But I let the world I live in guide me while at the same time I’m a sucker for the 60s & 70s

3 – What do you think makes your style so unique that it pleases people so much?
Gala: I don’t follow the rules. I follow my gut. I deeply enjoy color palettes and shapes, so for me, it’s all about balance and effortless coolness.

4 – Is Anita Pallenberg still a reference for you?
Gala: One of my biggest. The first time I saw her at Performance with Mick Jagger and her fur coat I was like: Oh my I’ve never seen anyone look so cool without trying. She has inspired the likes of Kate Moss or brands like Gucci for decades and she’s still copied very often. She nailed it!

5 – Current favorite brands?
Gala: Loewe, Jacquemus,  Louis Vuitton, mango, Isabel Marant, Reformation…

6 – What city do you identify with the most?
Gala: I’ve lived more than 12 years in London and I consider it my second home, but I’ve fallen for New York very hard… so it’s a tough choice!

7 – During the shoot you mentioned going to a music festival other than Coachella, but happening at the same time, could you share your experience?
Gala: This year I decided to swap Coachella for Bombay Beach Biennale, it’s an art festival located in Bombay Beach, California where there are art installations all over an “almost” ghost city that once, back in the 70s, used to be a hot spot for vacation. Over 48 hours people from everywhere gather and walk around the town, interacting with the art exhibited there. There are live bands, ballet performances, and electronic music too…  it’s kind of the new burning man, but for those who don’t need to post selfies of themselves.

8 – Any favorite music festival to share?
Gala: I had an amazing time at Calvi on the rocks in Corsica. It’s a French festival with pretty much 99% French people, spread out on the beach with DJs and bands.

9 – When I’m happy I listen too… Sad, Mad, Working out…
Gala: The Doors all day long

10 – Summer is around the corner, what is your go-to cocktail?
Gala: I’m not a big fan of drinking, but if I have to choose one drink it would be a classic G&T!

11 – What restaurant makes it the best?
Gala: Anyone in the lower east side

12 – What is your favorite summer getaway?
Gala: Europe, because during the wintertime I spend so much time between Bali and Los Angeles I love going back home for some foodie!

13 – Your world seems to have emerged in the arts, where do you go for inspiration(s)?
Gala: Mainly my friends make it happen… but of course I also love spending Sundays at a museum or checking new exhibitions when I travel

14 – Does your sources change when you are looking for fashion or music inspirations or is it all about experiences?
Gala: It’s always about experiences, like life.

15 – What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Gala: Chocolate, but everyone who knows me knows by now what #chocolinioftheday means

16 – What automatically puts you in a good mood?
Gala: Chocolate!

17 – If you could tell 15-year-old you one thing, what would it be?
Gala: Don’t worry too much and listen more

18 – You are always traveling, but which city from Spain do you miss the most?
Gala: Barcelona, it is a very special place for me, relaxes me.

19 – What’s your favorite spot in your home in New York?
Gala: Cage Mogafor, because before moving to Ny I always used to go and I still do as much now. Whenever someone is in town I always take them there, and it’s always as delicious, plus the vibe it’s great and you never know who you’re gonna bump into.

20 – If you could host your ideal dinner party, who would you invite?
Gala: Probably Jimmy Kimmel because he’s a character and I love people who can actually make you laugh and Jim Morrison if he was alive!

21- The inevitable; Could you share some of your favorites places in New York?
Gala: Ludlow House ( the new Soho house ) perfect for brunch or meetings if you are downtown. Reformation in Soho, for the best summer dresses. Cafe Mogador in the East Village for brunch on Sundays and a taste of Moroccan cuisine.

Photo: Pedro Arieta
Creative Direction: Claudia Ribeiro Bernstein