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Glossier – New York

Dreamy Natural Beauty

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One of the favorite brands on the internet, with clients such as model Karlie Kloss and filmmaker Sofia Coppola, is the powerful beauty brand Glossier and has recently opened its first concept store. Its founder, Emily Weiss, always bet on communication that provoked proximity and identification in customers as the main strength of the brand, and this idea was extended to the physical space. The walls and decor of the store, located on Lafayette Street in New York, are millennial pink, reinforcing the promise to incorporate physically and mentally everything that makes the brand the success that it is. One of the environments, called the “Boy Brow Room”, is a tribute to his best-selling product: a natural filling gel for the eyebrows. All the details seem to have been cared for not only for customers to go there to try and acquire the famous products, but also to feed their Instagram with beautiful photos, reinforcing the value of Glossier on digital platforms.

Glossier Flagship, designed by Gachot Studios with architecture by P.R.O., will revolve around the touch and feel of the brand in real life. Created as an immersive community space where our customers can get to know us and each other, it’s both a physical and sensorial embodiment of what makes Glossier, Glossier. Customers will be able to hang out with our Offline Editors, test and shop our products, and immerse themselves in a Glossier universe which includes an experiential “Boy Brow Room.” Most importantly, they’ll be able to connect over beauty with old friends and new ones.

Photos: Courtesy Glossier