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Hospes Maricel & Spa

Designed to be a sophisticated spot in the ‘50s, this hotel in Mallorca keeps its charm and the amazing landscapes that make it an icon.

La Isla Bonita

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In a privileged location in Mallorca, Hospes Maricel & Spa is worth a visit even for those who do not want to stay in it. The main reason for this is the stunning view of the place, its bars, and restaurants that complement the amazing environment very well. With original design from 1948, the building was originally created to be a hotel. Inaugurated two years later, it has been a destination for personalities of the time, like Montgomery Clift and Errol Flynn, besides functioning as a meeting point of the local society, who loved to take a sip at the tables around the pool.

Today, it may be considered the perfect place for a few days of rest. Nothing like sitting in an armchair on the hotel room balcony to enjoy the Mediterranean sunset reading a good book with a glass of wine on the side. Or simply spend the day sunbathing by the pool, observing the sea, and listen to the noise of the waves breaking on the walls of the hotel. The architecture of the hotel was inspired by the regional style of the palaces of Mallorca from the 16th and 17th centuries. Totally facing the sea, it has the sun as a constant guest and carries in its style the predilection for comfort rather than luxury, glorifying clean and modern environments. It is extremely sober and elegant, not wanting to shine more than the surrounding landscape, composing the scenery in a way that seems to have always been part of it.

To whet your appetite and enjoy every corner of the hotel, start with a drink in the lounge bar or pool. After that, head to Maricel Restaurant, which follows the regional atmosphere while valuing dishes and ingredients from the local cuisine. Still, on the gastronomic side, do not even think about waking up late and skipping breakfast. The brunch has already been awarded as the best breakfast in the world! Instead of buffets or static menus, the menu at Hospes constantly changes according to the ingredients available. To finish off, do not miss a hot stone massage with the ocean in the background. After all, this is a spa hotel and it would be a sin to belittle this detail.

Tips By Claur

Style & Concept: Quiet, yet seductive, a place to surrender to the delight of contemplating the landscape enjoying great food and drinks. It’s been working the way it is today since 2002.
Rooms: It has 51 rooms in total, and the 22 newest ones have hot tubs and private gardens on the balcony.
Design: Originally designed by Francisco Casas Llompart, one of the most exceptional architects of Mallorca in the 20th century.
Pool / Gym: Swimming pool on the edge of the cliff, with waves crashing on the hillside.
Restaurant / Bar: Maricel Restaurant with terrace and sea view.
Amenities: Amazing breakfast, with digestive juices, milkshakes, varieties of kinds of butter and bread, plus homemade yogurt with jellies and toppings.

Photos: Courtesy Hospes Maricel & Spa