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Johannes Huebl & Olivia Palermo


A love story with lots of fashion and passion.

A Sunday Kind of Love

oliviapalermo @oliviapalermo @johanneshuebl

“On Sundays we usually spend a large part of the day together and with friends if we’re at home in NY and enjoy the weekend away from phones and work ” Johannes Huebl

I didn’t even dream, and I didn’t aspire to live in New York City – at that time, the digital influencer’s era hadn’t existed yet. To stand out had nothing to do with likes or followers, but simply and only, your own elegance. The sophistication and class of that couple were striking before so many important names in the event in Greenwich. A polo game, to which I was invited by St Regis, who sponsors polo games around the world between Nacho Figueras and the husband of our former cover star, Meghan Markle – Prince Harry. After lunch, we were all in the field watching the game back there in 2013.

He’s German, the man of the couple, a creative-born, with a background in economics. He knows how to make art behind and in front of the cameras. She, the woman of the couple, who, I would say, was really the first influencer. I do not like the label “It Girl,” because it is not even at her feet. But instead, she’s a beautiful and elegant woman, who sharpens the curiosity of fans in every corner of the world in a unique way, without showing that embarrassing formula: I post what I eat, what I wear, and how I do my make-up.

Back to the celebrated polo game at the home of art collector Peter Brant and his wife Stephanie Seymour in Greenwich Connecticut, which is, by the way, the hometown of Olivia Palermo. She then had lunch with Valentino where the most refined 21-year-old aged Scotch was served. I didn’t drink a sip, but at the end of lunch, I took courage, got up, and went to Olivia’s direction. “Hi, how are you? You don’t know me, but I’m Brazilian, I have a magazine – where Nacho Figueras (partner and teammate of the Prince) is on the cover of this edition. I’d love to have you on our cover.” With her sweet pearly smile and sharp dimples, she smiles at me and says, “Sure, I’d love to.”

“In addition to the long-standing cultural heritage of the country, I appreciate Germans’ honesty and integrity: they will always tell you straight up – no masking!” Olivia Palermo

Olivia, you may not remember this story because this monumental saga was, of course, only in my head as a super-fan of the couple. When we agreed the day of the photo, an even more pleasant surprise came along: we would all work together, with Johannes and his team literally printing his muse’s vision on our pages.

Almost five years have passed, and there’s no one better than them to debut the new moment of Claur to show some elegance. Even Mr. Butler, a Maltese white terrier who once starred in an Amazon Fashion campaign with Olivia, came to the pictures! There is not a day that the married couple, affectively and genetically blessed, doesn’t seem to have left a set of a movie. However, at the Four Seasons Downtown New York Royal Suite, there is no set. We chatted about Germany’s 7-1 win against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup and the powerful workouts of celebrity trainer and partner of Gwyneth Paltrow, Tracy Anderson, to whom Olivia gives credit for her own toned arms. Simple like that, a gorgeous, high-spirited couple portrayed in fun times, just life as it is.

How did you guys meet?
Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl: Through friends in New York and then we went for a long night out and spend the entire night chatting.

What are your favorite escapes in the world?
OP & JH: Mustique and St. Moritz.

What was your first impression about Johannes, and what was your first impression about Olivia?
OP: His Blue eyes enchanted me, and do o this day.
JH: How cute and grown up she acted at the same time – she was 21 at the time.

Any weird but cute habit of each other?
JH: Olivia can be seen fluffing the apartment frequently, some say she likes the perfect Architectural Digest look.
OP: Johannes collects cute little toys from Japan and brings them home.

What is Olivia good at (painting, jokes, baking..?)
JH: Arranging flowers, decorating, and grocery shopping.

What is Johannes good at?
OP: Anything tech related, all sports, and music.

Do each of you have any obsessions? Example…only white towels or only flying if it’s the aisle seat.
OP & JH: Only flying on Lufthansa or Swiss Airlines. It makes it tricky to get to some destinations.

What do you guys eat for breakfast?
OP & JH: We have juices and espresso, berries, and granola. When we’re in hotels, we order proper room service and indulge a little more.

What places do you like to go to in New York for food?
JH: My favorite restaurant is Sant Ambreous Soho, but we like to explore and take advantage of the amazing selection of restaurants in NY.
OP: Lorings Place is one of my new discoveries, but my Italian staple is Tuto il Giorno in Tribeca.

What do you guys like to drink? What’s the favorite cocktail?
JH: I like wine mostly, but I’ll have a tequila drink when I go out.
OP: I love a Lychee Martini or Hugo as an Aperitif, but usually have red wine,

Photo: Remi Pyrdol
Styling: LA Consiglio
Hair: Kenna

Direction: Claudia Ribeiro Bernstein