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La Réserve – Chic Riviera

Synonym of comfort and elegance, La Reserve Ramatuelle means less ostentation and more good taste. ‘Hors Concours’ in the appearance of the hospitality, the right destination to join treatment and rest to a breathtaking scenario.

Joie de Vivre

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Getting to La Reserve de Ramatuelle brings the feeling of entering a beautiful beach house, or of course, a summer residence on the Côte d’Azur. But what is important is that the impact is not that of a sumptuous hotel, which impresses with ostentatious luxury. Suffice to say that the commune of Ramatuelle can be compared to the Hamptons, the affluent Long Island territory that attracts New Yorkers to refresh themselves on their beaches in the summer. Carrying this parallel to France, one has a better dimension of the discreet elegance inherent in the place, which despite being a magnificent neighbor of Saint Tropez, keeps a quieter and more reserved environment.

Designed by the architect Jean Michel Wilmotte, La Reserve Ramatuelle was built from the revitalization of a building from the 1970s. The original facade of shells, plaster, and brick reflects the Mediterranean setting and has been completely preserved in the new layout. On the other hand, the decoration of the interior was entrusted to the designer Rémi Tessier, who brings to his work the idea that luxury should be felt and not forcedly displayed, which is exactly what you can see in La Reserve hotels, either in Ramatuelle or in the units of Geneva and Paris.

Tips By Claur

Style & Concept: Despite the proximity of St. Tropez, tranquility reigns here.

On the map: It’s worth getting to know the surroundings, like the small and charming cities of Gassin and Grimaud.

Rooms: All 28 rooms have balconies and are very sunny. In addition to these, 14 villas offer an even more private option.

Design: Its design resembles a modern ship, delicately positioned above the sea.

Pool / Gym: All villas have their own pools, some of which also have a pool house.

Restaurant / Bar: Its main restaurant, La Voile, has a Michelin star.

Amenities: Organic food from the hotel’s private garden, plus a la carte breakfast and housekeeper.

This proposal to live the luxury means nothing more than the extreme attention to detail and to both the ambiance and the quality of the guest service. It is the hospitality preached, above all, by Michel Reybier, founder of the hotel. Simple and discreet, just like the most elegant figures, monsieur Reybier developed various other businesses. All of them carry in common the excellence assured by the name of his brand. One of them, the Cos d’Estournel winery, produces wines in an artisan way, seeking each bottle to be a piece of art. 

So much attention and care can make you unwilling to leave the hotel, but still worth a visit to Gassin – only a 20-minute drive will get you to a very charming place. As well as Saint Tropez, which is always worth a visit, the town has great restaurants, such as La Verdoyante and Le Pescadou, both great options for those who are already used to eating at La Voile, Reserve restaurant is run by Chef Eric Canino.

Photos: Courtesy La Reserve