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Legacy Records – New York

Delicious Hospitality Group the team behind NYC’s Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones (Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds, and Chef Ryan Hardy), brought their downtown expertise uptown and opened their third venture Legacy Records.

A Good Legacy

legacyrecordsrestaurant @legacyrecordsrestaurant

A vibrant atmosphere tempered with lots of music was the way the Legacy Records restaurant honored the label that inspired its name. After all, for many years, it housed the studio of Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music that deals with reissues of old recordings of artists like Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, and Janis Joplin. Another attraction of the restaurant is that leading the hospitality team is simply the Swedish Arvid Rosengren, holder of the title of best sommelier in the world.

That is, satisfaction guaranteed for lovers of good music and quality wine. The menu signed by Chef Ryan Hardy, in turn, carries strong Mediterranean and Northern Italian influence, with tasty fish in grilled and raw versions, along with other seafood and plenty of pasta. All of this coupled with Henry Hall, Manhattan’s new luxury residential building designed by designer Ken Fulk, seeks to unite New York’s lively nightlife with the lifestyle of a boutique hotel.

Photos: Courtesy Legacy Records