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Nizuc – Mexico

Idealized by the brilliant architect Alejandro Escudero, Nizuc resort and spa is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and enhanced by delectable tastes and an unfettered environment, the hotel does not have to make any effort to be a success in the Caribbean’s Riveria Maya.

Life by the sea


In just a short period of time, the Nizuc Resort and Spa has stirred up quite the buzz in the tourism universe. In less than two years the resort has received recognition as one of the best hotels in the Riviera Maya; and boy is the completion fierce! There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of the resort such as its privileged location, just 15 minutes from Cancun’s International Airport. The Punta Nizcu, where the resort is located, is far enough away from Cancun to buffer the vast majority of tourists and commotion that usually comes from the metropolitan region. Surrounded by two breathtaking beaches, the resort is a sanctuary of tranquility and wellness. Measuring 11 acres in total, the resort houses three sumptuous pools, 274 rooms, 6 restaurants of refined gastronomy, a spa and many leisure options. Its modern architecture, conceived by Alejandra Escudero, gives the venue its elegant and serene touch. Although the design is jaw dropping, the crowning accolade is reserved for its extraordinary landscape. If you desire vacation with the utmost intimacy, one might opt for a private villa.

The villas include a private pool, giving this room a very romantic feel which is ideal for a couple in love. If you’re looking to wake up with a view an Ocean Suite is for you. With only a few steps to the Nizuc Beach, and a grand veranda providing a stunning view, these suites are everything you can dream of and more. If you’re an admirer of the resort’s landscaping during the day, you’ll be in awe at night, the sights become more fabulous with beautiful tones of the sunset. It is a wonderful place to start and end your day surrounded by the wonders of nature. The ocean, however, is not just an alluring sight, but a place to have some fun! The resort offers it is guest many sea-based activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking. Besides that, the region is excellent for snorkeling because of its crystal clear water and magnificent coral reefs. Tourists are dazzled by the sight of lobsters, manta rays, barracudas and other marine animals. When you’re done enjoying all the activities you can recharge at the Nizuc Spa, run by the renowned ESPA. The Spa offers many exclusive treatments fusing modern and Mayan techniques. One of the most coveted treatments is the purification of the skin with marine salt, followed by a massage with hot stones done using traditional Mayan techniques. The treatment ends with an invigorating head massage. These two hours of treatment promise to wind down body and mind. 

Despite the romantic and relaxing atmosphere, the resort is also family friendly; children are welcome. While parents relax at the beach or the spa, the little ones can enjoy a specially designed area just for them, The Winik ́s Kids Club! The kids can choose between participating in cooking classes, pottery, or visiting archeological sites in the region. The activities are available to children from the ages of 4 to 12 years old. The refined gastronomy provides the resort with a touch of paradise on Earth. There are 6 restaurants in total, all specializing in different cuisines such as the Mediterranean, Asian and Peruvian. At Ramona, the resorts Mexican restaurant, the guests enjoy a magnificent view of the beach while they relish in traditional fare. Various delights are featured in the menu such as the Ceviche Trilogy, Lobster with coriander sauce and crunchy octopus. You can truly customize your experience at the Nizuc Resort and Spa; from your dining experience to your activities, your room and beyond. The resort provides you with flavors, sights, and experiences that will satisfy all your senses.

Photos: Courtesy Nizuc