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Ralph’s Coffee

Following a string of successful openings in Hong Kong and Tokyo, Ralph Lauren has opened the wonderful Ralph’s Coffee in New York, offering something well beyond the classic espresso.

A Cup of Charm

ralphlauren @ralphscoffee

The Big Apple has had a long history with Ralph Lauren’s cafés. It began in 2014 when the beloved brand decided to open a coffee shop with its signature logo near the iconic Fifth Avenue store. Buzz about this new outpost swept the neighborhood, and the place became a go-to for coffee-crazed New Yorkers. With the closure of the café two years later, many of the city’s coffee-lovers were orphaned.

Building on the success of its Asian stores, the Ralph Lauren brand has once again landed back in Manhattan, this time with a food truck in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Betting on its lifestyle contingent, Ralph’s Coffee has reopened its doors, this time in the Flatiron neighborhood, boasting a spectacular view of Fifth Avenue.

With a vibe equal parts elegant and authentic, Ralph’s is more than just a coffee shop. Upon entering, the espresso machine (with its pearly white tone and retro feel) gives off a lustrous glow. Behind the counter, impeccably attired waiters wear striped shirts and Ralph Lauren knitwear, together with denim aprons embroidered with the unmistakable logo.

With a warm and inviting interior, the colorful tiles and marble countertops almost make us forget why we’re here: to savor the rich and aromatic coffee. Teapots painted with the brand logo carry milk and other additions for the flagship store’s coffee. Known principally for his exquisite fashion choices, Ralph Lauren brings the same attention to detail to his coffee.

To this end, the store has partnered with La Colombe, a reputable coffee roaster that sells beans grown in Africa, Central America, and South America. Made from organic beans, the classic and creamy espresso, the decaf coffee, and the special “Ralph’s Roast” are sold in creative metallic packaging that has old school energy. For caffeine-free coffee fans, don’t worry, the brand has a Swiss decaffeination process that gives you the full flavor of the coffee without the stimulating effects.

Ralph’s Coffee is proud to be the first in New York to offer Espresso Tonic, which is made with three servings of cold Espresso, tonic water, and a slice of orange. This delightful concoction is an ideal choice on hot days. One can also visit the store to taste one of the teas created exclusively by the Ralph Lauren brand.

When it comes to treats, the store has copious options for any sweet tooth, such as brownies, croissants, and a delicious chocolate cake. The Polo Bar, Ralph Lauren’s restaurant in north Midtown, is responsible for some of Ralph’s Coffee’s delicacies – notably the cookies, which are some of the most frequently requested desserts in the restaurant.

Beyond serving cups of coffee, Ralph Lauren has been able to create a delightful visitor experience by cultivating an authentic brand atmosphere and engaging the consumer by gesturing towards its own history.

Want to have a taste of the shop at home or give a gift to a coffee lover? In addition to selling coffee beans, the store has a variety of designer products such as Ralph Lauren logo bags, t-shirts, and mugs.

Photos: Courtesy Ralphs Coffee