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Tinamarie Clark

Tina and the Shift Stirrer Method

Yeah babe, she’s got it

shiftstirrer @tinamarieclark

“My grandmother always told me that I was born wanting to be a model. From childhood, this was always my way of expressing myself and finding a place in the world”

A daughter of a single mother, Tinamarie was the youngest child and grew up in public housing with two older brothers and has always been the tough type, the kind who wears armor in order to hide their insecurities. She attended a number of different schools and was what some call a “problem child.” Her bad-girl past could have inspired a Gerry Ross film and also could have led in a quite different direction if it hadn’t been for her pursuit of a goal that changed her life – the desire to become a model.

Perusing the gorgeous pictures of Tinamarie Clark on social media, it’s hard to imagine that she’s had even a single bad day in her life. Gorgeous, blessed with a cover girl’s smile, a career as a model, a comfortable life with husband David Rosenberg, and two kids – Maximus and Lexington – her family poses amidst the beautiful backdrop of their Bridgehampton property. But before getting to this moment, the model had to free herself from a lot of baggage.

When the opportunity to become a model came along, Tinamarie almost lost it all because of her temperament. She was warned that no one would want to deal with a professional who didn’t know how to behave like one. The possibility of missing her big chance was what led her to put her aggression aside and look inside of herself, in an effort to understand what made her act so impulsively at different moments in her life. So, she became invested in the current wave of Mindfulness. It was in this way that the “Shift Stirrer” method began to develop, without her even realizing it:

“For at least 10 years, these are the practices I applied in order to get where I needed to, all without having the faintest idea that I was even applying some kind of method. The goal is to be able to smile in a way that is real and calm, not in an effort to hide a world of anxieties and insecurities”

When some difficult emotions came up, I recognized the feeling, let it just happen, and tried to be comfortable with something that I wasn’t naturally comfortable with. Afterward, I would reflect on it, understanding what was really happening with my mind and my body, and identifying the good and bad feelings that were coming up.

With effort, I was able to free myself from bad energy, recognizing the distortions that we create for ourselves in certain situations. After I would share everything with someone who has my complete trust – could be my mom or a friend. In the end, I processed the change I achieved and celebrated it since it really was an amazing achievement. This entire mechanism that Tinamarie created as a survival strategy, this pursuit of self-care and self-knowledge, became a method that she went on to promote almost two years ago.

Her desire today is to share this technique worldwide so that everyone can have a chance to deal with challenges and day-to-day questions better while searching for a more full and balanced life. Still, she claims that it’s important to remember all the steps each day. It’s all about a constant fight with her own ego. “The application of all this is simple, but still pretty difficult,” she says. “You need to know what your triggers are and recognize when something bothers you.

As soon as this happens, what are you going to do to protect yourself and feel better? In the majority of cases, these natural reactions are not good and don’t reflect who you are. They’re defense mechanisms. But if you look inside yourself and go through this process, you become free to act intentionally and not on your automatic triggers. ” This way of organizing thoughts and seeing life quickly became Tinamarie’s main engagement and mission.

Tinamarie has lectured, developed a workbook from the Shift Stirrer Method, and has looked for ways to share her life lessons. With this knowledge the model has given us, we may be able to see social media photos in a new light. It takes willpower to fill our pictures with meaning, such that they are really a projection of our internal feelings.

The willingness and joy with which Tinamarie Clark told us her story prove that her daily struggle has resulted in something great and that there is nothing better than sharing one’s journey of self-knowledge with everyone.

Photos: Aline Velter