Seção 04 (menino bmw)

On a certain day at the 5-star Hotel Omm in Barcelona, Claudia conceived the idea of creating a publication that was missing in the market — something that would talk about travel, personalities, hotspots, the joie de vivre without being snobby – a laid-back la vie en rose on pages. And just like that, Lifestyle Mag was born. It was published in 8 countries like France, Italy, Belgium, Dubai, United States, Brazil, Spain, and England. In 2015, the company set up an additional office in the United States supported by the sponsorship of Bloomingdales, Mercedes-Benz, Nespresso, and Veuve Clicquot. Claudia explains the transitions as a mark in her career. “I was only 28 years old traveling the entire world producing covers, fashion and lifestyle photoshoots, but New York City breathes the cosmopolitan air that runs in my lungs.”