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Steve Gold


The interview below is part of our Podcast Chats by Claur, hosted by Clau Ribeiro Bernstein. You can listen to the entire conversation on Spotify or iTunes 

A New York City Real Estate Expert

“I think everyone is different and their needs are different too. There are no areas of Manhattan that are undeveloped except Hudson Yards because they were building on train tracks, literally


He is from Stamford, Connecticut, and started his career as a model and traveled the world working for companies like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani. His eye for design allowed him to fly across the prominent real estate world of NYC and has been successful that he has been on the famous American tv show Million Dollar Listing on Bravo TV. With a partnership with Ornare USA we had a chat with Steve Gold.

CR: How did you get into this business?
SG: I have always had a passion for houses, art, architecture, and design. I remember when I was a child I used to look at the classified section every Friday where people used to book houses. It had these amazing, massive estates, and I always kind of looked at them and knew they were what I wanted to see. Before getting into this business I went to school at NYU Stern. I studied finance and marketing, and during the whole time I was in college, I was modeling. When I graduated, I decided I didn’t want to get into finance and I continued modeling for one more year. In that short amount of time, I realized that modeling was not my path. I traveled a lot, modeling around the world, but I wanted to be somewhere where I could build a career for myself. I don’t like this transient lifestyle, I don’t like going from place to place. I wanted to build a home with my own roots. One day I just decided to take the online course, got my real estate license in a month, and started calling people and letting them know that I’d changed my career.

CR: How was the invitation to you be a part of the Million Dollar Listing on Bravo TV?
SG: I knew some people working on it for a long time, but I never thought I would be great on TV because I am not a naturally super outgoing personality. I am just a normal person, but certain people pushed me to do it and convinced me, and now audiences want to know more and more about me, so it’s going well.

CR: Can you tell us about something behind the scenes of the show that it is coming for the next season?
SG: I am not supposed to say pretty much anything about the upcoming season.

CR: Can you describe your dream property?
SG: I have always had this dream to have a classic New York City loft, and it would have to be big because I have a growing family. To be frank, when you are doing this kind of renovation you want to do it just once to be good for five or 10 years. Also, my dream house would have good light and lots of windows.

“I hope everyone stays safe and stays at home, and that is all, we will get through this together. I hope everyone is healthy and well”


CR: What is the state of the luxury real estate market in NYC?
SG: The New York luxury market is a little bit on pause because of COVD-19, but January and February were extremely strong months for the luxury market in New York. There are people who have been on the sidelines for years who have money, have the means, and have been waiting for the right opportunity. Interest rates are very low and developers have reduced prices. The stock market was soaring and prices have come down.

CR: What’s going on with existing deals – are people doing virtual closings or buying without seeing the property?
SG: Some of the deals that are in contract now we are still closing. I had a closing last week, we have another closing the following week. Some deals we have not closed and are probably not going to close until after this crisis. Every deal is different, which is why every client needs to discuss and figure out what is best for them. There are complications, for example, about how you can make sure the apartment is ready to close if you can not go into the building. Or how you can close an apartment if you can not get the furniture out because they are not allowing you to move out. These are the kinds of issues we are dealing with. We are strong and resilient and will figure out ways to do things because that is what happens when we have a crisis.

CR: What kinds of short-term and long-term effects do you think Covid-19 will have on the New York City market specifically?
SG: The world will change after this virus and design will too. There will be new trends that will emerge from this. We’ll see different kinds of material being used on properties. Who knows what the future holds? It is scary but that is what pushes through innovation and change overall in the market.

CR: Buyers will need an educated broker more than ever before – What are the details a buyer should pay attention to in selecting a broker?
SG: It is an age-old adage, but if you are looking in New York City, the location-protected views are always going to be valuable. You have to remember that what is a view now might not be a view in five years, that happens all the time in New York City and it takes a lot of knowledge to prevent that from happening. Other factors that make properties valuable are high ceilings, light, and uniqueness.

CR: What area do you think is the next hub for luxury properties
SG: The beauty of New York City is that it has so many different neighborhoods serving different types of people. Tribeca is amazing: it has great schools and a lot of big apartments that are good for families. Everywhere in Manhattan is safe now, but Tribeca is what everyone talks about. Hudson Yards is doing something crazy right now in terms of what they have built. Building a mini-city within the city is not for everyone, it is definitely something that is very special in terms of New York City and there are some pretty amazing apartments there. I think everyone is different and their needs are different too. There are no areas of Manhattan that are undeveloped except Hudson Yards because they were building on train tracks, literally. So it is not like there is going to be the next hub, as we say, because Manhattan is already developed. I guess if I had to answer, it is Hudson Yards and also Hudson Square. The area west of Varick Street to the west side they have torn down St. John’s terminal and they are building there, that whole area is kind of going to be built up.

CR: Which countries are the most international buyers coming to New York from? Has that changed?
SG: There are different ones. Last year we saw a lot of New Yorkers buying and a few years ago there were a lot of Brazilians buying. Now we are starting to see a few Russian buyers floating back into the market. Chinese buy too so I think there is not only one country that buys in New York City.

Photos: Courtesy Steve Gold